Today’s Horoscope (26/12/2017)

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Today’s Horoscope (26/12/2017)


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You need to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. It’s way too easy to get caught up in a never-ending cycle of worrying about what could have been, so make sure that you don’t start that kind of thinking in the first place. If others are busy spiraling downward, just ignore them and go your own way. Faith in yourself is the critical element to making sure that this situation comes out just right, so keep your spirits up!


While working in tandem with someone else usually brings out your best side, right now, it arouses a somewhat fiercer side. Cooperation can turn all too easily into a competition if aggressive impulses on all sides are left unchecked. This may not be entirely unwelcome, though — passions are aroused in all areas and may spice up your life in new ways.


A difference of opinion could turn into something far fiercer, but this could turn up the heat in your relationship in a good way. Normally, you’re not crazy about confrontation, but this is an issue that you just can’t shut up about. There’s no need for you to dread the talk, either — jump into it with the best intentions and you should see the best of results. This may be exactly the speak you need to take things to the next level.


People may laugh when you say you’re in a rut, but you know it’s true. Something has been going on for way too long, and you may be feeling the dulling effects of too much routine. Fortunately, you’re the master of transformation. It’s a question of pinpointing which areas of your life need revamping — your friends, love life or business could use a change of pace, right? You’re sure to figure it out sooner or later.


It’s hard to for you to let go of old relationships, whether it’s a friend you’ve known since pre-school or someone you see every day. However, if today’s situation is getting uncomfortable, and you two are getting less and less enjoyment from each other’s company, it’s time to evaluate what’s going on with a clear head. It’s most likely nobody’s fault — in fact, it’s perfectly normal and harmless — you’re just growing in different directions.


Different ideas don’t make you a misfit — far from it. In fact, you might actually be something of a visionary, especially if you have faith in the soundness of your beliefs. It’s too easy to feel discouraged if people whose opinions you care about don’t immediately support what you’re telling them, but remember that no one believed that the world is round at first, either. Keep on pushing and thinking long-term.


You may not be as brash and attention-getting as some people, but you’re hardly a recluse, either. Make sure that the people who count understand that, especially if a colleague is trying to take advantage of your modest nature to take credit for a great idea that’s all yours. You may be feeling more contemplative, but your ambition certainly isn’t on the back burner. If you’re in the presence of the bosses, let them hear you.


Life becomes more demanding today, so pay attention and try to stay on your toes. Multitasking types (like you) rise to a challenge with aplomb — in fact, without one, you sometimes feel that you’re not quite living life to its fullest. Remember to check in with your loved ones so you don’t disappear off the map without a word of explanation, and don’t go overboard when it comes to taking care of your to-do list.


Someone who believes in your talent finds a way to help you reach a much broader audience. While it may be tempting to try and blend in once you get the eyes and ears of the in-crowd, try to stay true to your unique, boundary-crossing spirit, no matter what. Imitation really doesn’t suit you, anyway, so stick with it and soon others start to adopt your style. Take it for the flattery that all can see it is.


Infuse your home with some new, stylish additions. Even if you aren’t a big believer in feng shui, there are some principles that anyone can follow and make sense of. For example, a clean, pleasant and orderly space is generally more pleasant to come home to and makes getting ready in the morning much easier. Even a quick paint job or mail stand can make a major difference.


You need to reconnect with some activity or topic that you once felt passionate about, but drifted away from over the years. It might be time to rearrange matters to make room for it again. The fit is sure to be awkward at first, but you can find space for them to dovetail, and the payoff is a renewed sense of purpose and zest in your life. The search also leads to decisions that may change your life for the better.


It’s time for a makeover — though perhaps not of the extreme variety. A little sprucing up of your appearance is good (and fun), nonetheless. Your outward appearance might give the impression that you’re more conservative than you really are. While this look is easy to maintain, it’s just not the right fit for you. Go ahead and look like your true self — after all, people need to see the real you.

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